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Hauptforum Board: General Topics Thread: JFF War
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#1 at 05.06.2017 on 20:27h Edit Quote this entry

wanna do a little funwar against you guys, as also some guys of your team wanted to.


i'd say: 5v5, 3 maps per team, map exchange 2 weeks prior to the war, to make sure everyone got enough time to train.


during war i'd suggest 7 points to win, no tennismode. 


hope u agree, let me know ASAP, 

greetz JFF Lorbi


ps: tried to fill that garbage "fightus" 3 times, as it didnt seem to work with giving me that error everytime lul

spent like 15 min of my life on this, gg

you should maybe try to fix that, no wonder that noone challenges u, lul



Addendum by Lorbi:


totally forgot to add the wardate to this message, sorry excuse me for inconveniences.

09.07.17 8PM CET

enemy team: JFF (homepage:


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#2 at 06.06.2017 on 08:23h Quote this entry
apX. agent
posts: 50

Hey Lorbi

As you said, there is a mutual interest in having this fun war. I bet the others will comment soon aswell. As far as I know the date wont work for some of our drivers though. I dare say we need another date But I'm sure we're gonna find a decent one.

I might watch the fight then



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#3 at 06.06.2017 on 17:02h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 86

So yes. 30th of July will be the war. This suits us the best in the near future. 


Furthermore our Team dont want to see any Guest drivers in this fun war. 


Greetz Phoenix


You brake, you lose.

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#4 at 16.07.2017 on 11:49h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 86

JFF maps:

iDFTC - Impulsive  by meusburger


ESL - Catgroove  by McBong


ESL - Balalaika by wohnungnomade


apX Maps:


Lucid Illusion - Trian & Multi


bt | buffalo rage by wohnungnomade


ESL - Dirtyworkz by Pat.devo

last edited by apX. Phoenix! at 16.07.2017 11:52h 

You brake, you lose.

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#5 at 31.01.2018 on 08:19h Quote this entry
apX. Dragster
posts: 47

Thanks for the War. It was fun



Nusquam es verus, sulum res est licitus

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