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#1 at 15.03.2018 on 19:25h Quote this entry
apX. HK
posts: 4

Hio guys,

My name is Thomas, i'm 19 years old, i'm french and i've been playing tm for 3 years now.

My login tm is : fmjdu25000

my clans before :, rft, and reawall. I left all these teams beacause i didn't have any more motivation to play but i tell myself that for once if i could be in a real good team, i would manage to find the idea of playing as i had the very beginning =D

The reason to join your team is that i simply try to have the desire to try hard tm as i did at the very beginning of the game and i'm sure that being in your team will give me a lot of motivation to find this want to there. I can play at tm every day week and week-end if possible

i speak english a little bit but i try to speak and learn.

you can contact me on :

fb : Thomas de planoize

skype: acedu2539

thhks to read this mensage !

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#2 at 16.03.2018 on 09:29h Quote this entry
apX. Thunder
posts: 13
Hello, good luck with your application!
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#3 at 16.03.2018 on 12:32h Quote this entry
apX. HK
posts: 4


Addendum by HK:


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#4 at 16.03.2018 on 18:20h Quote this entry
apX. agent
posts: 54

Hey there,


Happy to see your application. I will add you later in skype and give you some more information.

Good luck


cheers agent

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#5 at 17.03.2018 on 08:26h Quote this entry
apX. HK
posts: 4

ty =D

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#6 at 17.03.2018 on 10:44h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 94

Nice too see your application. I hope Agent will give you all the needed infos. Im looking forwards

to you


You brake, you lose.

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#7 at 22.03.2018 on 06:49h Quote this entry
apX. Dragster
posts: 50

Well, i guess welcome to apX then .



Nusquam es verus, sulum res est licitus

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