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Join us Board: Join us Thread: mentality app
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#1 at 02.04.2018 on 14:13h Quote this entry
apX. meNtality
posts: 7

Hey, finally i've decided to write an application heregrin.gif

- Age: 17 (few days difference with Magik xd)
- tm-login: mentalside
- country: Russia
- Experience in tm (how long have you been playing; any other clans before): been playing actively since 2015 (TM2), then came to TMNF (tmx was more intresting for me as a mapper). The community was bigger here, so i stayed and playing tlll now. I was in SR team for some time, but recently it became really inactive so i decided to leave. Now i'm in a small team - group of friends/people who speak russian (Mishka too ), hope it's ok for you x)
- Reason, why you want to join us: i've been playing with you a lot and i know most of the members i guess. Also i'd want to improve my skills a bit, as they're not something i can brag about Oh and btw, i like that there's many mappers, so we could exchange awards on tmx (j/k lol)
- Contact possibilities (skype, facebook, etc): I have skype - hopsss5 tho i use it rarely.


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#2 at 02.04.2018 on 16:35h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 94

Yoo, finaly you decided to drop the application. From my side I have nothing to say against you and would be in for your trial. I/we do know you and your driving skills and Id pass you instantly.

Greetz Phoenix


You brake, you lose.

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#3 at 02.04.2018 on 16:57h Quote this entry
apX. Thunder
posts: 13

Yay mental! Nice to finaly see your application! I'm also in for your trial and wishes you the best of luck!

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#4 at 03.04.2018 on 08:25h Quote this entry
apX. Dragster
posts: 50
Yoyo Mental. Nice to finally see your app here Im with Phoenix. I would pass you instantly aswell but if you want to take the test thats fine aswell. Good Luck to you Greetz Dragster

Nusquam es verus, sulum res est licitus

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#5 at 08.04.2018 on 20:46h Quote this entry
apX. agent
posts: 54


nice seeing your app and good luck whilst trialing



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