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#1 at 02.07.2017 on 14:50h Quote this entry
apX. InfernaL
posts: 2

Hey guys,

My name is Guillaume, i'm 20 years old and i've been playing tm for 8 years now.

My login is : nation2

My clans where : Mnh, blr, srt, apX, 3dmax ! on tmnf and *aAa* on tm2 (there will be not a problem with *aAa*, they are not activ on tmnf) I have a lot experience for the competition ( I play since sps 4 most part of event).

I want to part of apX because I still really motivate to play some matchs and play with freinds.

I play ofter during weeks and more on tmnf than tm2 (yeah MP4 sucks...grummel.gif).

My english is not really good but I will try to do my bestlol.gif

Contact on facebook or skype (vodka.85)

Thx for reading !grin.gif

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