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Join us Board: Join us Thread: Pimp application
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#1 at 10.10.2018 on 18:50h Quote this entry
apX. Pimp
posts: 1


Im a 23 year old Fullspeed player known by the name Pimp (login: savagepimp). I currently working as a salesman for a newsmagazine in Sweden. Beside that im inlove with editing and photograhpy, and of course Trackmania!

I started playing Trackmania around september 2016, so roughly 2 years. Always had a feeling for car games and therefor evolved pretty fast and have alot more to give. Other then participating in f3c, i've been a lonewolf just playing for fun. However there has always been a competative side of me wanting to join a serious clan. Jay and zoomie finally gave me the guts to give it a try.

Nice people and high quality driving are the main reason i wanna join apX. But also the possibility of improving even further.

Discord: Fimpen#5442 (Im in apX server)

Steam: Centermums10

Hope to see you guys on the road! If you got any further questions i can gladly answer them here or in any of the other platforms.

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#2 at 10.10.2018 on 21:08h Quote this entry
apX. Thunder
posts: 14
Hey pimp! Good luck with your application!
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#3 at 11.10.2018 on 10:00h Quote this entry
apX. agent
posts: 54

heyooo pimp,

a marvel that this application didn't go lost with all this spam hereaua.gif

Great to see your application though!

Either phoenix will get privately in contact with you or I might if he's too busy.

Good luck and see ya on the road!




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#4 at 11.10.2018 on 15:57h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 95

Yoooo nice too see your application! I will message you on Discord c:


You brake, you lose.

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#5 at 12.10.2018 on 07:59h Quote this entry
apX. Dragster
posts: 51

Yoo Pimp boi, nice to see your application here.

I wish you the best for the test


@Agent I dont see any spam here only people that are concerned for our health


Nusquam es verus, sulum res est licitus

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