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Join us Board: Join us Thread: Dubby Application
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#1 at 01.01.2019 on 01:24h Quote this entry
posts: 1

I'm dubby, an Italian 19 years old guy;
I've played TM for about 12 years , started by watching my brother and quickly became addicted of the game.
I've played lol maps for most of that time - with some pauses here and there - to then last couple of years training tech and for an year or soFullspeed.

It's the only style that still gives me enjoyment , and i really don't ever want to play anything else;
I'd say i improved quite a bit in that ammount of time , although i still have a big way to go..

I would like to join apX for multiple reasons, being:

1) I like the team , i know many people and i'd like to share some hunting sessions;
2) I think it would make me improve on many aspects of the game;
3) Z00mie asked me around ten times;
4) Your tag clan is gorgeous ( fashion on TM is the deal );
5) Nothing else but i wanted to make it 5 cause it looks better.

So yeah that is it , hope you will accept me even if i can be annoying from time to time , i never mean any harm ( Chriiz no hate luv )


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#2 at 01.01.2019 on 01:28h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 95

Nice to see your application, in my opinion I wont even test you since we already had some long hunting sessions.


You brake, you lose.

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#3 at 01.01.2019 on 01:38h Quote this entry
apX. z00mie
posts: 6


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#4 at 01.01.2019 on 15:56h Quote this entry
apX. Chriiz
posts: 2


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#5 at 12.01.2019 on 17:43h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 95

Alright, you did it. Congratzbounce.gif


You brake, you lose.

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#6 at 12.01.2019 on 19:58h Quote this entry
apX. agent
posts: 54

though he was accepted right away xD

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