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Join us Board: Join us Thread: Gaming is my passion & excited to be in forum!
Gaming is my passion & excited to be in forum! Site: « 1 »
#1 at 31.07.2020 on 13:14h Quote this entry
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Hi guys, I am very passionate gamer and my gaming passion not just restricted to online games but it is also available in the outdoor sports such as basket ball and more. I actually wanted to make good friends who are like minded and who are also passionate about gaming and that is why I decided to be a part of forum.



John from NamasteGod that is active in Hindi Pandit in Bangalore & North Indian Pandits in Bangalore festive space, Mithila Pandit in Bangalore & Bihari Pandit in Bangalore festive space, Pandits for Griha Pravesh in Bangalore festive space, Iyer Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore & Tamil Vadhyars in Bangalore festive space, Andhra Purohits in Bangalore & Brahmin Telugu Purohits in Bangalore festive space& Kerala Pujari in Bangalore & Kerala Pandit in Bangalore festive space.

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