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As an old FIFA player, I was really determined not to get into EA's FIFA 21, probably because I was deceived by the FIFA 20 innovations last year, and it's not that easy to get into a game like that: a shattered expectation is bound to have its own consequences. It's like expecting Ubisoft to change the ballistic mechanics of the SpongeBob SquarePants in the sequel to the FIFA series, and that's asking a lot for a skinned game. I was planning to return to the "Live Football" series, but the Chinese commentary is still in the way, but this time in the UT mode of the kryptonite in the triple digits, can be considered to give myself a step down, so my face does not hurt so much.

Now let's talk about my subjective FIFA 21 game experience, not a rigorous review, and mainly talk about UT mode (other modes have not been officially involved), which is the soul of the FIFA series. The following chart is a testament to the fact that I have tested the game properly, ranking insiders can understand it, and it hasn't reached settlement day yet.

For a pseudo-fan who doesn't have the time to spend watching a football match, the long-term information asymmetry leads to the lack of Chinese commentary which can't be matched with the players in the game. The addition of Wang Tao changes that, and the Chinese commentary is super-large in terms of vocabulary, so while it's not based on funny dialogue, it's not so bad that you'll be sick of hearing it after a few games of soccer. That's a plus for Chinese players, especially the line, "Goal! It has to be!" .

FIFA 21 also has a lot of unchanged "stubborn" problems, such as player AI, but due to the fact that there are very few competing games on the market, FIFA 21 has a lot of unchanged "stubborn" problems. FIFA is a pick-and-choose game, as it takes over the team licensing. The AI is not as "revolutionary" as FIFA 20 advertised, but the problem is that the players are so far apart that the more you can't defend, the more holes you'll find, and the more you emphasize on defending, the more openings you'll find. In short, a player with good control has a nearly 100% chance of winning against an average player.

The problem with the AI is multifaceted, and the reason I say it hasn't changed is evident from the start of the game. The earlier FIFA (15, 16) had the problem of both players being stupid at the beginning of the game, i.e. if the player has some micromanipulation skills, he can start the game with a straight shot: past the midfielders and defenders 3-4 players, he can face the goalkeeper. This problem is definitely unfair to the defenders and requires a high degree of control. Of course, the FIFA series is still the best football game available today, both in terms of engine technology and realistic physics trajectories, there's no doubt about that.

Secondly, FIFA 21 has improved headers and aerials, with the effect of giving more weight to crosses and downward passes, as well as a more varied counter-attacking rhythm and play style, which is adrenaline-pumping and fun at the same time. This is a completely subjective compliment, because my personal style is to use airbags to counterbalance the opponent's barrels, rather than tearing apart the opponent's back line. Compared to FIFA 20, where headers are low probability goals, this is a game mechanic that suits my personal taste in every detail. The cross pass has been strengthened, so the counterattacking method of R1+cross pass is more violent and efficient than direct kick. You'll get bored with the battle of position every day!

The above is a subjective game sharing, which is also a little FIFA 21 experience, aimed at throwing bricks and discussing with each other. And if you guys need cheap and safe FIFA 21 coins, i highly recommend SSEGold. Finally, it's become a common practice to change the skin of the FIFA series over the generations, and without a truly revolutionary underlying technology, it's hard to give it some kind of bright feeling. To be clear, this game sells licenses, plays on player hype, and as far as the gameplay itself is concerned, it's no longer that important. Perhaps it will stop to examine its shortcomings when there is something on the market that can truly compete with the FIFA series. And the question is, is it easy to surpass it? The answer is clearly "no".

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