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Join us Board: Join us Thread: How to choose: Electric wire rope hoist v.s. Electric chain hoist
How to choose: Electric wire rope hoist v.s. Electric chain hoist Site: « 1 »
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How to choose a hoist between electricwire rope hoistand electric chain hoist? Check featues of Electric wire rope hoist v.s.Electric chain hoistto find the suitable electric hoist for your application.


Wire rope hoists rope hoists and electric chain hoists are familiar but very different types of lifting equipment. When select between wire rope hoists or electric chain hoist, it is better to compare them in different ways.

Electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists perform a similar function, but work in different ways and are designed for different types of load or materials. When you need a new electric hoist, it is important to select the right type of electric hoist for your application.

Wrong type of electric hoists may cost badly

Selecting the wrong type of electric hoist will cost you unnecessary expenses in the long run. Wire rope hoists rope hoist , used improperly features a high price tag when the electric chain hoists can complete the material handling work since the electric chain hoists tends to be less expensive than a rope hoist of a similar quality.

Contrary, if the electric chain hoist hoists are used to complete the work of rope hoists, then the wire rope hoisting system will struggle to perform, and will require more repairs, more then usual. . So lets see the features of rope hoists and electric chain hoists.

General comparison of electric chain hoist and electric wire rope hoists rope host are as following:

Electric chain hoists

  • Lifting of the electric chain hoists are by moving the electric chain hoist over a sprocket;
  • Electric chain hoists are widely used for applications of up to 5 t
  • Electric chain hoists are usually less expensive than the wire rope hoists rope one with similar requirements.
  • True vertical lift (with no lateral movement) is provided by electric chain hoists at no extra cost

Wire rope hoists rope hoists

  • A rope hoist, wound on a drum, lifts and lowers by winding/unwinding the wire rope hoists rope along the length of the drum. This means during lifting the laterally move will happen more or less.
  • Wire rope hoists rope hoist are commonly used for capacities above 5t.
  • Faster lifting speeds is available for the rope hoists.
  • Wire rope hoists rope hoist offers a wider array of options
Electric wire rope hoists vs. Electric chain hoist

How to choose a hoist between electric wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist? Check featues of Electric wire rope hoist v.s. Electric chain hoist to find the suitable electric hoist for your application.

Features of Wire rope hoists


Electric wire rope hoists are most often seen in permanent, more stationary equipment.

Unlike electric chain hoist (which is usually a more simple application), there are several different types of Electric wire rope hoists that use various drum and motor combinations. For example, grooved drums are used to increase the lifting accuracy. whereas, the multiple drums are used to compound strength.


Wire rope hoists rope hoists is usually rated for heavier loads, between 2 and 30 tons, on average. Logically, this means that the higher your necessary capacity and the more your average load weighs, the more likely youll want to use wire rope hoists rope.

Working hours

Wire rope hoists applications are also more suited for long work hours, when many different loads need to be handled within a short amount of time. They are also handy in intense environments where you need to take extreme heat or harsh weather conditions into account.


Electric wire rope hoists have some drawbacks. As previously mentioned, they are more expensive than electric chain hoist under most circumstances. They also tend to be larger and more complicated.

Working room

If you dont have much room to work with, a wire rope hoists system may not be practical or even possible for that particular job. Most wire rope hoists systems are used in factories, such as steel service, foundry, and raw material production facilities.

Electric chain hoists

Features of electric chain hoists


In general, electric chain hoist are less permanent and easier to move around than wire rope hoists. This makes them more flexible when you have enough room or the necessary to switch positions when depositing loads.


Like wire rope hoists, electric chain hoist capacity can vary, but usually within a smaller range than wire rope hoists. Electric chain hoist is ideal for lesser loads, where weight is not so much of a concern typically within the 1/8-of-a-ton to five-ton range.


You will find them in smaller factories, in maintenance work, and at workstations where lifting needs to be done.

This should already give you a few ideas about how electric chain hoist can be used. Electric chain hoist come with a few other advantages, such as ease of use and applications for jib, gantry, and hand-push cranes.

Suchcrane manufacturertend to involve manual movement load hooks, which wire rope hoists rope can slip out of more easily; whereas electric chain hoist provides a greater level of dependability.

How to choose: Electric wire rope hoist v.s. Electric chain hoist

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