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#1 at 10.12.2017 on 17:18h Quote this entry
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yo im nevier 20 years old from germany and ive been playing tmnf since 2009 or 2010


ive been in some clans before during 2011 and 2013 with funky being the most known i think. but since its called quantum and has moved to tm2 i kinda quit the team and the game for a looong time to pursue competetive tf2 which has resulted in 2 LAN participations and me playing in division 1 at my prime time.


i would like to join apX because phoenix and i were on my server and he told me to throw an application to you guys. so i thought why not thus making this post. i also want to talk to some people on ts so im not so lonely while playing tmnf and since ive heard that you have a whatsapp group i want to shitpost memes and WW2 jokes to raise the autism level.


if you would like to contact me:
or on tmx with the name nevier
or you can find me on the minifs&chill or fullspeed hunt dungeon server on tmnf
my tmnf login is also nevier


theres just one thing left i have to tell you guys: im not interested in playing clan wars. i turned super casual because i hardly have time to actually train. if that is a problem in any way i can totally relate to that and i will accept that without any discussion. but if its not i would gladly be a part of apx


cheers (Y)


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