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Join us Board: Join us Thread: Application Thunder (again)
Application Thunder (again) Site: « 1 »
#1 at 19.01.2018 on 14:40h Quote this entry
apX. Thunder
posts: 13

Hello everyone! as you may (or may not) know, i've applied for apX before but removed my application because of lack of self confidence in my speed drifts.

Since then i've been training a bunch and i'm getting better at sd's and s4d's. I still have to learn but i'd be happy to learn with you!

A while ago i said to phoenix and dragster that i would apply after my exams and i just finished so... here i am! i'll do my presentation again so you don't have to go look back at my previous application:


login: celacanto

nickname: thunder

previous team: tnb in tm2, bbd in tmnf, now i'm in a "team' (not really, we don't do much) in funspeed called "uns" i hope it doesn't bother you that i'm in there... (it is funspeed and not really a team so...)

Brief history on tm: I've been playing for a long time but with long breaks in between. I started 7 years ago, and moved on to tm2, joining the team tnb. Then i took a break from tm. I came back a year later and played for a while before taking another break.

I started again a bit more than a year ago and i'm planning to stay.

Why i want to join:I feel like you guys are the best team on tmnf, (skill, nice, cool tag :p,...) and i have been thinking of joining for a while now. I removed my application before because i didn't feel like i didn't deserved it. Now i feel like i can do pretty good times (still need to improve my sd's) and learn by your side.

about me:My name is Florian Strens. i'm 19 and i'm currently studying real estate. i play tm mostly for fun and i'm sadly never available for wars because i can't play after 21 (even sooner usually). i'm available the weekend for sure and randomly during the week.

Where to contact me: You can contact me on messenger (Florian Strens) i'm sure to respond( i think)

I should be available all of next week because i'm on holifday right now. Hope

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#2 at 26.01.2018 on 11:29h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 94

Hey thunder, I am sorry for the late response.

Nice to see your application again! This time I dont think you need to do a test. Dragster and me know what you need to be a better driver and we can teach you. Aswell as other members.

I would give you the trial with the agreement of others.

Greetz Phoenix


You brake, you lose.

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#3 at 26.01.2018 on 11:34h Quote this entry
apX. Dragster
posts: 50
Ooooy thunderu, i agree with phoenix.

Nusquam es verus, sulum res est licitus

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#4 at 26.01.2018 on 14:53h Quote this entry
apX. Thunder
posts: 13

I wouldn't say no to skipping the text x)

and don't worry about the late response i don't mind

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#5 at 31.01.2018 on 08:07h Quote this entry
apX. Dragster
posts: 50

so i guess everything is said and done. He became one of the retards of apX and they live happily ever after




Nusquam es verus, sulum res est licitus

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