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Hauptforum Board: Server Thread: Fullspeed 80k?
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#1 at 01.04.2018 on 13:12h Quote this entry
apX. Phoenix!
posts: 86


so baisicly I am not satisfied with our public server because its only online and doesnt realy get much attention. Aswell as we are all playing on our hunt server. I want to make something better out of it.

My idea was to create a 40-80k Fullspeed server with new fresh maps to hunt. With the inspiration back from the dukez pro fs 80k.
Maps being around 30-40 seconds long, completly overhunted dedis and a server with 16/16 players all the time, with a waiting que for new players to join. Eventho this might doesnt get as much attention as dukez had, but I still want this server typo.

My personal setup:
- 1 team account to validate the maps on. (
- no tmx upload
- same map names but numberised with either #xx or xx
- Server - and map names are somewhat the same. Serv: apX. Fullspeed! 80k ; Maps: apX. Fullspeed! #xx/xx

Note (quoting jay): "[...] people would come play on the server just to play the maps, cause you couldnt find them anywhere else, so when they join, they will join regularly, more people will join, they make friends with the already existing players playing on the server, therefor creating a little community on the server and thus the server will most of the times have players playing and then more people will join"
Thats more likely to happen if the maps are not on tmx so they wont spread over other servers.

Some varriation for the tmx point would be:
- tmx upload on a apx account (apX. Team/Fullspeed) but taging the mappers tmx account into it.

I would like to know your guys thoughts about this.
Server/Map name. Tmx yes/no other ideas

Greetz Phoenix

last edited by apX. Phoenix! at 01.04.2018 14:22h 

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