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apX is on fire!

Today we had our 2nd war with the new against physics! We faced JFF a german fun clan.

We played on following maps:
iDFTC - impulsive: 4:7
Lucid illusion: 7:1
ESL - Catgroove: 7:1
bt| buffalo rage: 7:2
ESL - Balalaika: 7:5
ESL - Dirtyworkz: 7:0

Which makes a total score of 39:16

Thanks to all the active players who really made this a show and in some parts a bloody slaughter: Jay, Oxy, Red Pulp, Dragster, Basti and Phoenix.

Keep it up guys! I am really proud of you.

Greetz Phoenix

apX. Phoenix! - 30.07.17 20:43h
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apX. InfernaL

GG WP guysapplause.gif

#-6 at 30.07.2017 on 21:00h IP saved
apX. Phoenix!

Wrong team dud


#-7 at 30.07.2017 on 20:53h IP saved

go xeon!

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